Seek Out the Music.

As I hem and haw about whether I should attend another concert this weekend, I think back to the words that I wrote right after attending U2 – and right in the wake of the death of Chris Cornell.  After watching Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam get inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

And I can think of tons of reasons why I shouldn’t drive to Las Vegas to see Mumford and Sons.  Its too much money.  I just got home from a week long trip.  I am headed to three more concerts in the next two months.  It is a hella long drive. My husband may kill me if I leave again. (not really, but maybe.)

And then I remember how the music makes me feel.

And I recall a line from Tom Waits –

“Money is just something you throw off the back of the train.”

So, while I continue to sit in deliberation – I’ll leave you with my thoughts on music, and why I’m obsessed.



Seek out music that moves you.

That brings you to you knees.

Makes you weep.

And scream.

And run wildly through the streets.

Seek out the music that makes you rage agains that which is unjust.  That demands action and movement.  A voice that will be heard.

A song for the revolution.

Seek out music that swells your heart.  That which you can’t resist running into the arms of your loved one.  That binds you together in the throws of passion.

Seek out music that you can see in the trees.  The oceans.  The mountains.  The music and the melodies that move the very nature that we are from and that which we will return.

Find the pulse.

The needles.

The throb.

Find the music that can melt your very flesh from the inside out.

Seek out that music and let it change you.  Find it in the moment.  Witness the artistry live.  It will change your bones.  Your very core will shift and shudder and you will never be the same.

And don’t try to return.

Keep seeking out that which changes you.

Allow your self to be drawn to the addiction –

                                                                                                                               – you might forget.

Time, money or obligations might call to you.  Keep those voices at bay.  Hold on to the music like it was the very breathe in your chest.

It is life.

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