To the Women In My Life

I am blessed beyond words to have an amazing tribe of women in my life.  There are some that I only see or speak to once or twice a year and others whom I am fortunate enough to visit with multiple times a month.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with two very special warriors in Northern California. Both have been long time friends – over 15 years – and I wasn’t able to truly process the gratitude I feel for their presence on this life path until I returned home.

One of these dear friends – a former teammate and forever partner in crime – gifted me with a beautiful piece of prose, and I wanted to put it out there in cyber-space.  So full of love and transparency, it isn’t often we have people in our lives that see us in such a manner, and then are able to put it into words.  While the introvert in me would prefer to keep this silent and close to my heart, I think of this as a gift to all my female friends.  Qualities I see in each of you and celebrate in your uniquness.



Kimberly – 

A sorcerer, with a wand & a whistle. Juxtaposed between the realities of adamantly enforcing the rules and defiantly breaking them.

A stiff, swift motion to indicate your error, followed by and exotic, erotic tickle of a touch.  She signals a shift, pointing to the direction of a new destination.

Dense hair.  Taught, tan tummy.  Flexible, flawless, fidgeting feet.  Fat ass.  Substantial shoulders.  Wide back.  Thick fingers. Unending eyelashes.  Perfect figure.  Flexing features. Curved spine.  Erratic eyebrows.  Dancing with the divine.

As constant is her care, her spirit rotates in an unending cycle.  Apologizes.  Unapologetic.  Apologizes.  Unapologetic.

An unexpected trinket.  A treasure.  A reassuring gaze.  Calligraphy and glitter and stickers.  An enduring hug, an awkward exchange.

Bonny pins, barettes and Barbazon.  Sadness.  Anxiety. Comfort. Consideration. Clean clothes, fresh flowers, dishes done.  Blue eyeshadow. Red lip. See through shirts.  Disparate drawings on her vessel.  Flip Flops. Flip Flops. Flip Flops.

Fear, shame, insecurity, doubt. Integrity, pride, consistency.  Risk taker, deal breaker.  Deep thinker, whiskey drinker.  A self-proclaimed dirty hippy who arrives sixteen minutes early to every engagement.

A soul satisfied in the knowledge that the struggle is not searching, exploring and yearning.  The struggle exists in the absence of searching, exploring and yearning.

Yummy, juicy, gluttonous gratification.  Deep delight in bread and butter.  Sumptuous pleasure in a small gesture.  Giving is the gift.  Quick shift to glance downward to avoid the stare that infiltrates an introvert shield.  Head high, authoritatively demanding respect.  Daring a response.

Loyalty, devotion, councils contentment in the mundane.  A pull to play.  A call to action.  A notion to be naughty.  Horses.  Hardwood.  Flights.  Farms.  Beaches.  Barns.  Familiarity.  First names.  Distance, clear disdain.

Wiccan.  Woman.  Wander.  Wonder.

Mother of Magic.  Birther of Beauty.  Daughter of Danger.  Sister of Strength.  Partner to Passion.


Hold close the relationships that provide the breath to fly on.  Hold even closer those who see you and love you and cherish and celebrate your flaws.  Keep breeding strength in your tribe.  Uplift and support and foster love.  There is always room for more love.  Always.

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